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PUSH BACK represents

living our freedom and the courage to fight for it.   Our purpose here is to Glorify God, which means living FREE.

Liberty is a gift and it’s included in our birthright as Americans. We NEED dialogue not cancel culture. Debate is a part of the First Amendment - FREE speech. 

We believe in encouraging one another while exercising our freedom of speech and faith without fear of retaliation.  

We seek the truth and believe we must Push Back the darkness in this spiritual battle. 

Pushing Back is much different than being Pushy- We want peace. We Love First. 

What can you do?  
Pray! God is the only way forward.  
Be involved! Show up locally and carry the torch of Truth for our great Nation.  


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Heal your Body & Mind 

Restore your health 

Get your Freedom Gear HERE

For more information on how you can join the Push Back movement to Preserve our Liberty visit our Facebook page:

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